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What can we do for you?

What do firsTVision™ & Mindpix™ mean  to You?

We are a turn-key digital media production company. From budgeting and casting to directing and shooting our history and associations allow us to bring the best to your project. Our post production facilities provide everything you need to complete your programs and videos.

We focus on a final product, specializing in producing documentary programs, commercials, corporate presentations and promos for distribution.

Our Services


In the development phase, the script for the project is written or acquired by engaging a writer to create an original screenplay.


During the preproduction phase, the production company selects a director and actors, prepares a budget, creates a filming schedule, secures locations, and hires the remaining members of the crew.

Principal Photography (Production)

Principal photography is the most costly stage of the video production. This is where we make your story come to life.


Post-production includes the editing of raw footage, scoring of music and the final mixing of dialogue, music, and sound-effect tracks. Finally, when all elements are complete, they are combined into a master.


It is important to select distribution channels already in existence and staffed with professionals possessing appropriate backgrounds and clientele. We have worked with CUBE International for over 25 years.